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Mentone Horse Riders Club was established in 1990 by parents of Mentone Pony Club members.
The club began with the idea that parents too needed a place where they could have a day out with their horses to have fun, learn and be social.

Today these values are maintained through our dedication to being a friendly, inviting and  fun-loving club for all to enjoy, whether riding  or spectating.
Our members vary in age, ability and  accomplishments which serves to enrich the  experiences we share.
Our colours are maroon and white. Club polos, purchased through the club, are worn at events with white (or variants of) or black jodhpurs.
Many people like to wear their club polo to rallies however this is not compulsory. Club vests are also popular and can be ordered yourself through LP Designs, worn at competitions with a white shirt and stock. We also have deliciously cosy club hoodies that can be ordered through Reppin You (see club website for more info), perfect for the dedicated partners out there!

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