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MHRC is a 'roaming' club, meaning we hold our rallies at different  venues on the third Sunday of every month (excluding December). This roaming format is especially good for the winter months when we book indoor arenas to get us out of the wind and rain!


Hired riding venues are almost always within half an hour’s drive of the majority of our membership whose horses, at the moment,  reside around the Bangholme, Skye, and Lyndhurst areas. Some examples of venues we use are Silverbell Park, Tooradin Estate, Chelsea Pony Club, Willow Lane Equestrian Centre, Silverdene and Mornington Pony Club.


We offer two lessons each rally, dressage and jumping (or poles for  whose who like to keep a hoof on the ground at all times).  Occasionally we have competition rallies, trail rides and days involving other disciplines, such as horsemanship or games.  Lessons are shared, with an optimum number of four riders per group in appropriate riding levels. We only book experienced and  qualified instructors. Full members contribute $20 for each lesson, or $30 per lesson for Non-Rally members (see memberships page for more info). 


In the spirit of our club, rallies are focused around a social lunch time - a reason many of our members joined! 

If you'd like to come to a trial rally or just come and say hello, please contact our rally coordinator for details
(click here for contact information).
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